Value Scout is the first value creation platform. What is value creation? Value creation is the implementation of initiatives that will result in an increase to a business' value. Perhaps the largest oversight in the exit planning community is the lack of focus on value creation. You're at X but you need to be at Y - how do you get there? That's where Value Scout comes into action.

Value Scout is built on three central pillars:

  1. Understand your current market value

  2. Model your exit

  3. Drive to success

Understanding Your Current Market Value

Understanding your current market value is the first step to any successful exit plan. If you want to assess if you're ready to exit your business, you better understand what your business might be worth first.

Value Scout offers an expert assessment of your business' current market value based upon our professional experience on hundreds of different assignments. Furthermore, unlike other software-based valuation solutions, we don't have an algorithm that cuts corners. Every valuation assignment through Value Scout is done by a professional analyst.

But we don't stop here!

Model Your Exit and Growth

Financial modeling can be challenging. Potential Excel errors, erroneous assumptions, and articulating the findings to clients can be pain points for any advisor.

That's why we've designed the Exit Modeler. Assist your clients in an intuitive and visual financial modeling tool that allows them to input a handful of assumptions that outlines key targets so that they can reach their target value on their terms. After all, why not give your client the ability to enter in their assumptions of the business as someone who works in the industry and sees how the industry changes day in and day out? This helps you as an advisor keep your client engaged and to have your client's input on the future of the Company, taking out some of the guess work for you.

Drive to Success

Value creation is a byproduct of implementing objectives in your business that hopefully will create value. At Value Scout, we utilize the three pillars of valuation- earnings, risk, and growth - for clients to implement objectives into their plans. Value Scout's estimated value impact algorithm helps pinpoint an approximate amount of value that any given objective will create, allowing advisors to assist clients in high priority items.


A failure point for many organizations is conveying the mission across all levels of the organization. Value Scout gets your client's entire team on the same page through our four-level Value Planning tool.

Value Scout's Value Planning tool, business owners can outline their high-level strategic mission and vision for the company, separate objectives into annual and quarterly buckets, and get even more granular with weekly planning.

These plans are centralized areas where all members of the team can track their individual progress on specific tasks, which tasks are important to them, take control of tasks that fall into their area of work, and mark which tasks are being blocked by other tasks. What a great way to track team productivity! This can even help you and your client identify risks or areas of the Company that may need improvement.

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