Value Creation is a Team Sport:

Value creation is a team sport that will certainly touch the different areas of your business. This is why we encourage adding your leadership team, key employees, and advisors to participate in Value Scout. Value Scout solves the issue of miscommunication through our messaging system and weekly planning, where business owners and their team can communicate their weekly goals and provide an end-of-week status update on what they've accomplished.

Involving Senior Leadership:

Value Scout allows owners to convey their strategic plan for their company through our Value Planning tool. Additionally, our Value Planning tool allows added users to create objectives and initiatives that will support the company's mission to create enterprise value.

Remember, closing the Value Gap (the difference between your target value and your current market value) is difficult. Encouraging your senior leadership to take ownership of certain objectives lessens the load on you, the business owner.

Additionally, aligning goals with your senior leadership team allows for transparency on what needs to be executed for success. We suggest treating Value Scout as the same way you would your business - delegate and trust your senior leadership team to perform, and give them the tools (Value Scout) they need to track performance and succeed.

How to Add Users to Value Scout

  1. Navigate to the Side Panel and Click "Invite Teammates."

  2. A current list of all members on your Value Scout portal should appear (likely, you and your advisor at the initial onboarding).

  3. At the bottom of the card find and select "Click to add a new user."

  4. A pop-up will appear; select if the user is an advisor or company user, their email, and First and Last name.

  5. The user will receive an email with a link to create a password and log in.

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