After we conclude the current market value of a business, the user is prompted to use the Exit Modeler, a tool that projects out the necessary growth for the user to reach their target value within their time to exit.

Purpose of the Exit Modeler:

The primary goal of the Exit Modeler is to demonstrate the delta between what happens if you "do nothing" against a deliberate value creation plan. Often, the former is bound to not meet the user's goals. The Exit Modeler is a helpful tool for:

  1. Demonstrating the need for a value creation plan

  2. A roadmap of milestones to hit year over year.

Below are the definitions of inputs for the Exit Modeler:

  • Target Value - target value is the "goal value" that you're working towards to exit your business. Your target value should be feasible and in alignment with your goals.

  • Time to Exit (Years) - the number of years that you plan to reach your target value. We recommend a minimum of 3 years, but it depends on a case-by-case basis.

General Guidelines:

  • The target value is not a static number and may need to be adjusted based upon your financial needs and time to exit.

  • Real growth is not linear. The effort you put in to grow your business may not be realized immediately. This is normal!

Read more about reasonable required growth rates here.

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