Creating your first quarterly plan is similar to creating your first annual plan.

Value Scout recommends creating your annual plan first, followed by your quarterly plan. In doing so, you can breakout your longer-term objectives into smaller, manageable initiatives.

Read more about understanding objectives vs. initiatives here.

Quarterly Initiatives:

Quarterly initiatives are detailed, tangible project that leads to implementing an objective. Examples of initiatives include:

  • Hiring three sales members in Q1 >> relates to "Expand sales team beyond our owner"

  • Opening a new location in Q3 >> "Expand our geographic reach to be the largest distributor in the midwest."

Quarterly Planning Tools

Value Scout gives your team the project management tools to translate a big-picture objective into a more actionable initiative. With each quarterly initiative, you can:

  • Assign due dates

  • Owners

  • Value Recon (estimated value - read more here)

  • Priority Level

  • Progress indicators

When to Create your First Quarterly Plan...And Quarterly Plans after that

It is best to create your first quarterly plan to break objectives into the required number of initiatives after your first annual plan.

There is no correct answer here. Your organization should have plenty of time not to feel rushed on "what to do next." Conversely, planning too far ahead might be for nothing, as plans and progress are subject to change over the long haul.

Truly, we suggest finding a method that works best for you and your team.

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