The Findings Matrix is on the right half of the Findings page. The matrix is a visual representation of all findings and their difficulty to achieve, whether the finding has a positive or negative financial impact and the degree of the financial impact.

Here is an explanation of how to interpret the Findings Matrix:

  • Color

    • The color of the bubble indicates if it is a positive financial impact or a negative financial impact

    • Green = Positive

    • Blue = Negative

  • Size

    • The size of the bubble indicates the degree of the financial impact that a finding carries

    • The larger the bubble is on the chart, the greater the financial impact that finding has.

  • Axes

    • The x-axis measures the difficulty to achieve, and the y-axis measures the likeliness of achieving.

    • The farther right a bubble is on the chart, the more challenging it will be to complete that finding.

    • The higher up a bubble is on the chart, the less likely it is to achieve that finding.

(More on the ratings of findings here: Rating Findings)

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