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When to Create a Finding & AI-assisted Recommendations
When to Create a Finding & AI-assisted Recommendations
Value Scout provides you with unique recommendations based on your value assessment.
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Findings can be auto-generated by Value Scout, added manually by you, or by your advisor as they work through your business case.

So, when should you create a finding? We suggest creating a finding when you come across anything within the company that impacts value or needs improvement and has yet to be recorded as a finding. For a better analysis, working through all AI-assisted recommendations before adding your own will reduce the chances of duplicates.

What are AI-assisted recommendations?

Value Scout's algorithm provides AI-assisted recommendations based on your answers in the value assessment. Providing accurate answers is important so that our recommendation engine can provide accurate results, increasing the value-creation potential of your business.

How does it work?

AI-assisted recommendations are created for answers that indicate a high level of risk if not addressed. AI-assisted recommendations aim to ensure you are aware of high-risk factors in your business so you can implement risk mitigation strategies.

For more information related to AI-assisted recommendations, check out this blog article.

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