First of all, thanks for taking part in our Beta Release of the Demo Environment! We know there are plenty of bumps in the road on this, but appreciate your willingness to dive in and provide feedback.


Beta Access is available on an invite-only basis to a select group of implementation partners. The tool itself is geared towards our partner ecosystem, enabling our partners to run demo's themselves for prospective clients and extend sandbox access to the same.

Known Issues

  1. Advisor Dashboard. The Advisor Dash is designed to give partners a "heads up" view of all of their clients on the platform. Data is aggregated for total value of clients under management, total value created, user activity, and more. The Advisor Dash is currently disabled in Demo - you will see the page, however we are not currently populating it with data.

  2. Demo Dashboard. We intend to pre-populate new Demo Accounts with 4-5 "starter companies" on account creation. Presently on first run user is presented with an empty environment and no companies within their environment.

  3. Sandbox Access. We have disabled the ability to invite additional users to a sandbox account until Demo is out of Beta. This includes the ability to add additional users into the Partner organization.

  4. Fields in New Demo set up. Some fields are disabled until we release this feature.

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